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Pourable cream cheese creates new possibilities for pastry chefs

Pourable cream cheese creates new possibilities for pastry chefs

Cream cheese is a key ingredient for many restaurants and bakeries, forming the base of cheesecakes, pastry fillings and creamy dips. One drawback to cream cheese is the time it can take to soften, slowing down production times while chefs wait for it to come to room temperature so it can be properly whipped and mixed. To address this problem, Savencia created a pourable cream cheese product under its Smithfield brand. Developed with pastry chefs in mind, the product brings innovation to a previously stagnant category. Savencia worked with award-winning pastry chef and cookbook author Kathryn Gordon to develop sweet and savory recipes that highlight the product’s versatility. In this interview, Gordon explains the development process behind Smithfield Pourable Cream Cheese and the advantages it gives chefs — from labor savings to culinary creativity.Read more on

Savencia Cheese USA Major Wins at the 2020 World Championship Cheese Contest

The Dairy Manufacturer Took Home Eight Medals in the Largest Competition Yet

Savencia Cheese USA proudly announces that its portfolio of specialty cheeses has been recognized once again at the 2020 World Championship Cheese Contest in Madison, Wisconsin: the largest cheese, yogurt, and butter competition across the globe. Among the largest competitive set yet—a record- breaking 3,667 competitors from 36 states and 26 countries— Savencia Cheese USA took home a total of eight medals.

Savencia Cheese USA makes and distributes specialty cheeses all over the world, including a few household names. This isn’t the first time Savencia has received a coveted World Championship Cheese award. Esquirrou, a hard sheep’s milk cheese, was crowned the 2018 overall World Champion and a grand prize winner during that year’s competition.

Savencia’s eight medals include one gold, five silver and two bronze awards across multiple categories.

In the Processed Cheese category, Alouette Crème de Brie won gold and Alouette Crème de Blue won silver.

In the Brie category, Ile de France Brie (8 oz) won silver and Alouette Petite Brie Original (5 oz) won bronze.

●  In the Soft-Ripened Cheese category, St. Andre (7 oz) received the silver medal.
●  In the Natural Spreadable Cheese with Flavors category, Alouette Garden Vegetable won silver and Alouette Cucumber Dill was awarded bronze.

In the Soft Goat Cheese Flavored with Sweet Condiment category, Chavrie Blueberry Vanilla Goat Cheese received the silver title.

In North America’s cheese capital of Wisconsin, these recognitions define an incredible accomplishment for Savencia’s passionate team of cheesemakers and importers. “It’s our mission to produce world-class cheeses,” said Dominique Huth, CEO of Savencia North America. “Savencia Cheese USA’s multiple wins at the 2020 World Championship Cheese Contest solidifies our superiority when it comes to complex and diverse fine cheeses.”

All of Savencia’s winning cheeses—along with the company’s wider portfolio of cheeses—are available at grocery stores nationwide.