For a food model combining
both well-being and conviviality

“In a context of growing distrust of what we eat,
where food products are constantly being challenged,
I wonder why we persist in setting pleasure against health…
Why assume that indulging is always bad for your health?
At Savencia, we promote a positive vision of food we have
decided to formalize with the hashtag #PositiveFood.”

Jean-Paul TORRIS, Savencia Fromage & Dairy’s CEO

Leading the way to better food is our mission.

Because we are convinced that it is possible to ally savors and health, naturalness and responsibility.
Because our passion for taste and quality has always been at the root of our culture.
Because Savencia is composed of autonomous subsidiaries human in their scale,
at the heart of their markets, for whom leading the way rhymes with audacity.
Because our insistence on excellence constantly leads us
on to innovate in the service of our customers.
Because our ambition, shared by the Group’s 25,200 members
worldwide, is to contribute to reinventing today the food for tomorrow.
means a diversified food
model, meaning
balanced menus with a
preference for natural
products, or ones that
have been very little
#PositiveFood is a
caring, committed
approach to dietary
transition contrasting
with the current flourish
of negative diktats.

Six key levers:

1. Highlighting positive ingredients of cheese

2. Optimizing the nutritional profile of our products thanks to an approach of progress followed by the Group brands. The objective is to reduce the use of salt, sugar or fat in the product recipes.

3. Clean Label and promotion of natural and low processed food Made from natural raw materials and simple ingredients, our cheeses and dairy products are low processed foods.
4. A reasonable and reasoned consumption Helping consumers to better visualize the appropriate size of a cheese portion and allow him/her to adopt a reasoned mode of consumption thanks to a per portion nutritional labeling: that is what #PositiveFood is also about!

5. Our products in flexitarian diets Offering healthy recipes using cheese and vegetables, as well as articles about eating well…

6. Anti-food waste Savencia supports Too Good To Go against food waste.

The happiness of eating well