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Savencia Cheese USA Launches, a One-Stop-Shop for Premium Cheeses

The direct-to-consumer site enables customers to enjoy their favorites from home — and expand their palates

Savencia Cheese USA today announces the launch of, a one-of-a-kind online destination for imported and domestic cheeses. Customers can now shop the wide array of award-winning cheeses under the Savencia Fromage & Dairy portfolio — as well as partnering brands to get their fix of specialty cheese.

Since its inception, Savencia Cheese USA has been dedicated to producing and importing fine cheeses. The Cheese Lover Shop furthers this mission by providing customers greater access to their favorite products — and introducing them to new premium varieties. The site will also feature brief educational videos hosted by Chef Greg Gable to teach customers how to pair, enjoy, serve, and store specialty cheeses.

“We are deeply excited to launch this platform and enable consumers to access fine cheeses from home,” said Mikhail Chapnik, VP of Marketing, Savencia Cheese USA. “The Cheese Lover Shop gives customers more premium and hard-to-find options in one place — and let them order safely from home. We aim to become the ultimate resource for specialty cheese products and education.”

There are currently 30 different cheese offerings on — with plans to expand to charcuterie, crackers, and other cheese plate offerings.

The curation of products includes:

AlouetteMade from simple ingredients and artfully blended with tantalizing flavors, this ultra- creamy cheese delivers next-level goodness

●  BeehiveCheddar cheese that features a butter-like texture

●  Chavrie – Fresh, creamy and slightly tangy goat cheese that can be sliced, spread or crumbled

Dorothy’sRich and creamy cheese with a strong, savory taste; winner of bronze at the 2018 and 2019 American Cheese Society awards in the soft-ripened cheese category; winner of Best New Product at the 2018 Specialty Food Association awards

Ile de France® Brie – An exceptionally rich and creamy Brie with a milky, buttery taste; winner of silver at the 2020 World Championship Cheese Contest in the Brie Category

Saint Agur – The #1 blue cheese in France! This luxurious cow’s milk blue cheese from Auvergne with a spicy kick; winner of silver at the 2019 World Cheese Awards in the blue cheese category

Saint AndréMore decadent than butter, this triple crème soft-ripened cheese has a velvety smoothness; winner of gold at the 2019 World Cheese Awards and silver at the 2020 World Championship Cheese Contest in the soft-ripened cheese category

SmithfieldUsing only the freshest milk and cream, Smithfield Cream Cheese is made according to an original Amish recipe

Supreme – Supreme Cheese is always delightful — creamy with a rich buttery taste; winner of bronze at the 2019 World Cheese Awards in the soft-ripened cheese category

Customers receive free shipping on orders over $100. Orders ship in as little as two days, in special insulated packaging to preserve freshness. All orders can be placed directly at


Dorothy’s Diggin’ Truffles Receives Prestigious SOFI Award for New Cow’s Milk Product of the Year

The unique, earthy cheese has received the sofiTM Award from Specialty Foods, a stamp of approval for the new flavor from Dorothy’s line.

Dorothy’s Cheese proudly announces that its Diggin’ Truffles cheese has been named the New Product of the Year (Cow’s Milk Cheeses) by the sofiTM Awards from the Specialty Food Association. The coveted award honors the newest, best, and most innovative specialty food products on the market.

Introduced in 2020, Diggin’ Truffles is a soft-ripened cheese with panache, it marries earthy black truffle flavor with a smooth, luscious texture for a rich culinary experience that’s distinctively Dorothy’s. Like all Dorothy’s cheeses, Diggin’ Truffles is crafted in Lena, Illinois.

“This award reflects how we continually raise the bar with our craftsmanship,” said Sebastien Lehembre, Senior Marketing Manager at Savencia Cheese USA. “Three years ago, Dorothy’s Comeback Cow received the same sofiTM Award. It’s a testament to the way our brand continues to grow and evolve, while staying true to our quality and heritage.”

Dorothy’s has an ongoing commitment to innovation and quality in fine cheeses. Diggin’ Truffles is an expertly-crafted, perfectly balanced, and now award-winning cheese that reflects this commitment.

Dorothy’s cheeses are available at select supermarkets such as Wegmans or Whole Foods Market, specialty stores, and online at the Cheese Lover Shop.