Savencia Cheese USA has a unique portfolio of cheese brands to suit every taste and use: soft spreadable cheese from Alouette, soft ripened cheeses like St. André, Dorothy’s, Ile de France and Supreme; blue cheese from St. Agur and Rogue Creamery and goat cheese from Chavrie.

With its range of delicious and natural cheeses, Alouette is a hit with consumers, turning parties, casual occasions and snacking into real moments of pleasure.

At Alouette, we are passionate about cheese. With every bite of our soft, spreadable cheese, you can taste the full flavor of garden-fresh herbs and farm-fresh milk thanks to simple ingredients artfully blended together.

We’ve been making our soft, spreadable cheese since 1974 and we are continuously innovating to ensure we are using the freshest ingredients to bring you the very best taste. We offer a variety of full flavored, well balanced cheeses with natural ingredients, rBST-free milk and no antibiotics.

With Alouette, turn every simple thing into an artfully moment.

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A purely spreadable, ultra smooth line of goat cheeses that are bursting with flavor in every bite.

Chavrie®, the first and finest American goat cheese, was introduced in 1989 in its soon-to-be-classic pyramid shape.

Since then, Chavrie® has now expanded to include three exciting ways to enjoy the fresh, creamy taste of our goat cheese: pyramids and logs.. With Chavrie®, the possibilities are endless!

Whether on a salad, cooked into your favorite recipe, or simply on a cracker, Chavrie® is a delicious and healthy choice for any occasion.

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Love is at the heart of Dorothy’s cheese. Dorothy Kolb fell in love with the cows at her grandfather’s creamery. Heading to Iowa State, she became the first woman to earn a degree in dairy science.

Dorothy met and married a fellow cheese lover, and together they forged cheesy love and lovely cheese (and a
few kids, too). Decades later, their love story lives on in these delicate, floral-shaped soft cheeses. Experience
the passion of our cheesemaker who trained under Dorothy. Taste it in every savory bite. Feel the weighty
heritage of these cheeses, for eye-popping flavor and creamy textures you’ll return, again and again.

Discover Comeback Cow and Keep Dreaming, our two cheeses nestled in the shape of freshly sprung flowers of
the Apple River Canyon, at the foot of Kolb-Lena.
Comeback Cow, awarded Best New Product at the SOFI Awards in 2018.

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Imported to the US for over 70 years, Ile de France is a worldwide brand of authentic French cheeses.

Named after the Ile de France boat, the first refrigerated sea vessel that landed in the United States in 1936, Ile de France gives its name to a range of great traditional French cheeses such as Brie, Camembert and fresh goat logs. The products are recognized for their freshness, unique flavor, creaminess and quality, by cheese lovers and enthusiast for decades.

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French Cheese Corner is our cheese portfolio gathering the best specialty imported cheeses. From the green Normandy region to the mountains of Auvergne, discover delicious and savory cheeses.

French Cheese Corner is our cheese portfolio gathering the best specialty cheeses imported from France. From the green Normandy region to the mountains of Auvergne or the south west region of Pays Basque, discover some delicious and savory cheeses.

Crafted with passion and expertise by acknowledged cheese makers, all have been carefully selected by our Ambassador Roland Barthelemy, renowned cheesemonger and member of the Guilde.

Discover St Andre, St Agur, Montagnard, Maroilles, and of course Esquirrou awarded World Best Champion in 2018…..and many more.

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Supreme cheese is creamy and buttery perfection. Always delightful, simply perfect anytime. Crafted in Lena, Illinois.

When you care for cheese as much as we do, you want to use the freshest cream you can. That’s why we source cream and put it into production of Brie the same day. This focus on freshness creates a smoother, creamier, and more spreadable brie… and of course it’s always rBST-free. Crafted locally in Lena, Illinois.

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Since 1935, Smithfield Cream Cheese has been made using only the highest quality and freshest ingredients that chefs can rely on.

We supply the Canvas, you create the masterpiece. Made from a traditional Amish Pennsylvania Dutch recipe, Smithfield's delicious taste and rich, creamy texture make it perfect for everyday spreading, baking and cooking.

Smithfield Cream cheese is available in a wide range of formats: • Regular • Soft • Whipped • Neufchatel

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Dedicated to sustainability, service and the art and tradition of making the world’s finest handmade cheese. Certified both B Corp and USDA Organic.

Inspired by a sense of place for 85 years, Rogue Creamery draws from the beauty and flavors of Southern Oregon’s Rogue River Valley. Over the last half century, Rogue Creamery blue cheeses have received international acclaim. The certified sustainable whole milk we use to make these original blues comes from Rogue Creamery’s exclusive dairies along the banks of the rugged and scenic Rogue River. Visit the Roque website for more information

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Purposeful, plant-based dips and spreads to nourish the body, mind, and soul. Non-GMO Project verified, GFCO certified gluten-free, OU certified kosher, and dairy and soy-free.

Hope Foods uses the freshest possible ingredients to make the most delicious and nutritious hummus and dips with boundary-crossing flavor profiles - using state-of-the-art HPP cold pressure technology to retain freshness, peak flavor, wonderful texture and important nutrition from our kitchen to your table. Hope Foods truly believes that the simple act of sharing good food can nourish the body, mind, and soul which is why it remains committed to promoting mental health awareness efforts and providing tools that support mental well being. Join us on our mission to eat better, live better and do better. Visit the Hope Foods website for more information

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Premium brands

There are now over 400 types of French cheeses, each with a rich local heritage tied to the distinctive terroir, cultures, and people of their storybook towns of origin. Savencia Cheese USA delivers a carefully selected list of the finest cheeses France has to offer that are of the highest quality. We invite you to learn more about these specially crafted cheeses.

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